Transperfect ( Power-Struggle Amongst Co-CEOs. A Style of Management That Values Self-Interests over Employee Morale.

As an anonymous review from a current employee states:

“I have been working at TransPerfect full-time (more than an year)

I had a desk.
And a chair.”

The true casualties of this conflict are the hardworking employees of TransPerfect. The ones who set aside agendas to provide the best possible service. They are the ones keeping this thing profitable. However, their morale has been at an all time low, as evidenced by the growing number of negative reviews from both current and former employees who had the following assessments to share:

“Boiler room – high turnover – project manager factory ”

“Very negative work environment. ”

“No work-life balance and no money, either. ”

What’s stopping the hard-working employees of TransPerfect from advancing and getting their feet into the door of prosperity? Well, for one thing, the Co-CEO’s seem to have their own feet stuck in one. From the recent Crain’s article, “Ms. Elting reported that she had told Mr. Shawe to get out of her office, but she couldn’t close the door because he planted his foot in the doorway. “I tried to move it with my foot and couldn’t,” she recalled, adding that all the while Mr. Shawe was on the phone “giving a play-by-play” to someone. Mr. Shawe described things differently. He claimed Ms. Elting shoved him against a wall, kicked him twice in the leg and slammed the door on him. He said his feet received “puncture wounds which are consistent with being kicked by the pointy toe of a stiletto-heeled shoe.”

Did you know that things got so bad, that the judge appointed a DIVORCE JUDGE for this one.

It’s without question that this quarelling has contributed and enabled to a negative corporate culture. It’s not like the industry is hard either. Take a look at these Glassdoor reviews from a competitor.

Who would have thought that the key to a positive corporate culture within a company about translations is clear and positive communication? Obviously not them. You can read more about working at Transperfect by visiting this blog.